Rule violations will be met with consequences to ensure harmonious coexistence and enjoyment for all parties. If you have intentionally or unintentionally violated a rule, the JOY team will be in touch to remind you of our rules and take any necessary measures depending on the gravity of the situation. The consequences will be much more severe for things that we absolutely do not want to see in JOYCE. If you have any questions, please get in touch.

The following procedure applies:


The first time you violate a rule, you’ll receive a friendly reminder from our JOY team that explains what your violation has been.


If you fail to respect our first message, you will receive a warning. This gives you a further chance to look closely at our rules so you can follow them in the future.


If you still continue to violate our rules, we will give you a time-out to reflect and relax.


If you continue to break our rules after you return, we have run out of options for reaching an accord. At this point, we will have to bid you farewell and you will be banned from our community. This means you will be permanently blocked from using JOYCE and your account will be deleted. If you also have a photographer or event-organiser profile in addition to a private account, we will delete this as well.