This is where you’ll find the answers to some frequently asked questions.

What are the prerequisites for me to use the app?

JOYCE can be used by anyone aged 18 or over on the following devices:

  • iOS: iOS 15.6 or newer
  • Android: Version 8
You may be able to use the app on devices with older operating systems, but some features may be limited.

What functions does the app have?

JOYCE is a social dating app that combines hyperlocal features with flexible search criteria and helps facilitate anything from keeping in touch to exciting adventures. A variety of features allows you to make spontaneous contact with other app users.

In addition to private conversations for discreet exchanges, you can use group chats to talk with up to 50 members. Thanks to modern real-time communication, app users will receive push notifications about the latest activity: Who complimented your profile picture? Who reacted to your status update? Members of the passionate JOYCE community in your area can find you using the member-search function or directly via your profile. You can also look to see who is currently in your area and get their attention with a personal message. Don’t want to buy a pig in a poke? You don’t have to! – You can specify your erotic preferences and find community members with similar interests.

Get in touch with interesting contacts and arrange exciting dates on JOYCE. It’s worth following people and profiles in your area. Tantalising photos and tips for going out will be displayed directly on your wall. Other members will also be kept up to date with any changes you make to your profile or photo albums. at the same time, each JOYCE user can be as anonymous as they please.

How do I use the app features?

You can get to most of the functions available on JOYCE via the main navigation panel at the bottom of the display. You can get to the following options through individual menu items:

Members – this is where your journey begins: Filters help you find like-minded members for exciting adventures. New community members are marked accordingly.

  • Live – hot flirting and more: Interesting members in your area are waiting to be discovered. Only members who activate the local search option can see one another. You can stop the feature easily by clicking on your own tile.
  • Wall – the corner pin of the app: Your wall bundles together all your personal contacts’ activities. Furthermore, you’ll get recommendations of hot contacts with similar preferences near you.
  • ClubMail – a modern messenger for anonymous and safe communication without exchanging mobile numbers. You can also manage your contacts here.
  • Messages – never again will you miss an opportunity: All the latest app activity will be displayed on your screen by push notification. Each user can decide for themselves how innocuous the notifications are in their privacy settings.

Profile information and settings can be accessed via your account. You can manage your personal information and change security settings intuitively.

Who is this app for?

JOYCE is an app for women, men and couples who know want they want. Chance encounters turn into sensual adventures – all members can decide for themselves which fantasies they want to live out with JOYCE.

After downloading the app, you can create one of the following profile types: an individual male, female or transsexual profile – regardless of relationship status – or a couple profile with access for two members to one account.

Can you use the app on multiple devices at the same time?

You can access your JOYCE account on multiple devices at the same time – regardless of whether you’re using a smartphone or tablet. Users with a couple profile can also use JOYCE on multiple devices simultaneously.

What’s the difference between this and other messenger services, such as WhatsApp?

All data associated with the use of JOYCE are subject to German data-protection laws. In contrast to other messenger services, you’ll never be asked for your telephone number or other details of personal telephone contacts, nor will they be linked to the app. This ensures that all members can use the app safely and discreetly at all times.

Moreover, you can create an additional JOYCE pin number to prevent unwanted access to the app. Using the “secret keeper” function, each user can decide what type of push notification he/she wants to appear on their lock screen.

The app has a wide range of animated emojis that can be used to decorate conversations or wall posts. JOYCE will also help you look out for potential encounters in your immediate vicinity. The wall allows app users to stay informed about who’s active in their area.

Can the app access your personal phone contacts?

JOYCE never has access to any contacts you have stored on your device. Information from your contact list will never be used within the app.

Where is the data saved?

Any data transmitted via the app is saved on German TÜV-certified servers. Photos taken during ClubMail conversations are not automatically saved on the device in use.

What security measures are taken by the app?

All communication within the app is end-to-end encrypted via SSL. Even source files are obfuscated, which means they are unrecognisable to people and machines. The app can be used without disclosing your location. Moreover, you can activate an automatic sign-off feature that will log you out when you close the app.

Only members who activate the local search option can see one another in “Live”. Your exact location will still always remain private. Important: JOYCE does not save any movement profiles and does not transfer coordinates to third-party providers. The local search option can be stopped at any time and your location will be deleted.

You can set additional security measures for JOYCE in your privacy settings. Among other things, you can add a pin code for the app that provides an extra layer of security.

Does the app offer advertising opportunities?

No. JOYCE is and will remain advert free.