In ClubMail, you’ll find your mailbox where you can start new conversations with individuals or groups and manage your contacts.


Your mailbox works like a messenger service. You can communicate with your contacts and other interested members in individual conversations or as a group. The most recent messages are displayed first. You have the option of marking unread messages as “read” without having to open them. To use this option, just swipe right on the message.

New message / new group conversation

You can write a new message to an existing contact by clicking on the pen icon at the top of the mailbox screen. If you then select a contact, you will be directed to your existing conversation with that member or a new conversation will open. Alternatively, you can write a ClubMail to members directly from their profile. This also works for members you haven’t saved as contacts. You’ll find a button “Write a ClubMail” located directly below the profile picture. You can start a new group conversation by clicking on the pen icon in your mailbox and selecting “new group”. You can give the group a name and add the members you want to write to. Please note that you need a Premium membership to be able to write other members. You can purchase membership directly via the app.


Keep an eye on your contacts and see who’s online at any time. You can open and edit a contact by clicking on the name. You can add a new contact by opening the member profile and selecting “Bookmark member name”.

Reporting ClubMails to our support team

If you want to report an inappropriate ClubMail to our support team, open the ClubMail concerned and select “Report” from the menu located in the upper-right-hand corner. Please note: This will only send the last ClubMail. If you want to report a conversation or several messages, a screen shot is more appropriate. You can attach this to your message to the support team